Another one of those cute young starlets that does a bit of everything apart from looking drop dead gorgeous in every picture I see of her is Alyson Michalka (or Aly Michalka as she is know by many). She is very hot with smoldering looks and a body I have been dying to see naked. I don’t think that is going to happen with this girl sadly… but like always we have some ultra realistic looking fakes that scratch that itch.

Alyson Michalka nude

Alyson Michalka sex

There were quite a collection of these Alyson Michalka fakes at Celeb Defamer. I picked out these two as my favorites from the bunch. We have had to downsize the pics to show here so if you want to see the full series in full size then you will need to join their site. Once you do you will have access to 250,000 celebrity fakes featuring thousands of the worlds hottest female celebs.

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