Damn I feel old today. I saw that Lori Loughlin was 46 years old on some celebrity entertainment show. I remember having such a crush on her back when the sitcom Full House was one of the most popular shows on TV. She was, and still is BTW, such a pretty woman. She has such a sweet girly girl kind of a look that I loved. Although we never saw much in the way of skin on Full House it was more than obvious she was hiding a beautiful body underneath all of those tight sweaters and pants. I was so jealous of Jesse for getting to tap that lol!

Lori Loughlin nude

Lori Loughlin sex

So feeling all nostalgic I decided to check what fakes there were of her at Celeb Defamer. I found quite a few nice ones of her showing that sexy body at last and even some of her getting a big serving of cock. Want more? You know where to go.

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