That voluptuous Italian goddess Monica Bellucci has got a killer body and is one of the sexiest actresses around at the moment. I was fairly late discovering her and didn't know of her til I first saw her in The Matrix. Well it was her awesome cleavage I noticed first to be perfectly honest. After that I watched more of her films and went a searching for nude pictures of her on the net. It seems the memorizing beauty has also drawn the eye of the artists at CelebDeFamer. They have done a whole bunch of Monica Bellucci fakes featuring the sexy Italian celebrity in the nude and also in some sex scenes. Check out Monica with a big load of cum all over that pretty face... I wish it was mine!

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A friend of mine asked me why I find Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham so sexy. He said he couldn't see it himself. I had trouble explaining just what it was about her. I don' find her particularly good looking for anything and she's much thinner than I normally prefer. There is just something about her than makes me wanna just bend her skinny ass over a chair and fuck the living shit out of her. I would bang her asshole raw and then come back for seconds!

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I went looking for a Victoria Beckham sex tape and found very little except for a pretty bad lookalike. What I did find though was a whole bunch of Posh Spice fakes like these. They may not be real but it's good jerk off material. Seeing the stick thin Victoria having a big cock in her mouth and pussy in these porn parodies really does help with a good wank.

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Not to sound overly sexiest (ya right) but everytime I see sexy country singer Faith Hill open her mouth I want to put my cock in it. Not to say I hate her music or anything she's just a pretty mouth. I bet she would give a mean blowjob.  Judging by this sex fake Faith has had plenty of practice wrapping her lips around some big ol' cocks.

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Those sexy Olsen Twins sure have managed to stretch that few years of actual acting work into a a lifetime of fame and fortune. These hot sisters need to get off their ass and d something worthwhile - like a porno! Oh man can you imagine these two in an incest lesbian scene?? I think I would damn near cum in my jeans seeing these two kiss and play with each others pussies. 

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I can't think of female wrestler I'd more love to have me in a submission hold. Imagine the long sexy legs of Stacy Keibler wrapped around your head as she grinds her pussy in your face! We've seen glimpses of her stunning body in those skimpy outfits, bikini's and lingerie but seems there are no real Stacy Keibler nude pictures on the net.  Note I said 'real'! Check out these very realistic looking Stacy Keibler fakes I found at the Celeb DeFamer site. Keep your sexy bikini wallpapers - I'm jacking it to these from now on!

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Growing up my first celebrity crush was on Alicia Silverstone. My God she was beautiful and I idolized her. I must have worn out my copies of The Crush, Clueless and her other films. We never got to see Alicia Silverstone nude though and I highly doubt we ever will apart from fakes like these from the Celeb DeFamer.

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Have you ever watched a TV show and wondered what it would be like if all the actors and actresses were nude and had sex all through the program? I get so bored watching most of these modern shows I do. Heroes is one that would suit being porn-alized. There are so many insanely hot women in Heroes like Hayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Kristen Bell and Elizabeth Lackey I can't help but dream of a lesbian sex scene between any combination of these characters.

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Daisy Fuentes always looks hot. She has got that smoldering beauty thing happening for her and she has a superb body. I've seen her rocking a bikini and man does she fill one out nicely... especially the top half with those big full breasts.

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