No new comer to celebrity porn Pamela Anderson has the look of trailer park MILF these days. She might be wearing more expensive outfits than your average trailer trash mom but she is just as slutty. Here she is at an awards show displaying plenty of cleavage in her open blouse. To top it off Pamela is display a prominent cameltoe up front too!

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I tell you this about Fran Drescher, she may have the most annoying voice in the history of TV but goddamn I would grudge fuck the living shit out of her Jewish ass. I saw a rerun of The Nanny yesterday where she was in a ridiculously short skin tight black dress and man she's got a killer body. I had my dick in one hand a coke in the other as she paraded around in that slutty dress. Awesome pantyhose legs and an ass I would tear up if given the chance!

Fran Drescher

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I have been long been a fan of sexy Christina Applegate since her days in Married With Children. The pretty blonde just seems to get sexier with age too. Here's Christina looking might fine  a black bikini. As always the Banned Celebs paparazzi where on hand to capture these candid moments. I bet there eyes lit up as Christina perky tits jiggled their way up the beach ahah!

Christina Applegate

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If you have been waiting forever to see the original Pretty Woman Julie Roberts naked then your wet dreams have come true. The beautiful actress has been featured in a whole series of nude fakes over at CelebDeFamer. Now you can finally jerk off to the image of a nude Julia Roberts with her legs spread and her famous pussy just waiting waiting for your cock. No doubt the CelebDeFamer boys have probably also got fakes of her receiving a 'pearl necklace' too!

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Hahaha I though I had seen it all running All Celebrity Porn, but today I was proved wrong. Today we have what I'm gonna call Super Hero porn by way of this hentai series of pictures featuring Hellboy. The cigar chewing bad ass has got the hots for his sexy co-star big time and as you can see from the pics her gives her a "red rocket" she ain't soon gonna forget. SHit I think the bitch is gonna have trouble walking properly after having that huge demon cock reaming her love hole all night!

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It amazes when some people like a particular actress and are then surprised to learn that that very celebrity has appeared nude or topless in a film. One of my buddies has a hard on for sexy black babe Halle Berry. He asked me if I though she was hot. I said she's okay, I don't find her that hot but her tits looked good in the movie Sword Fish. He replied he hadn't even heard of the film let alone seen it haha. I said "Dude rent that fucker now, it's a shitty movie but there is a scene I think you will enjoy".

Halley Berry Topless

He phoned me the next day to say thanks! It was a case of TMI when he told me he spanked off to Halle Berry's tits just before he phoned me. Yuk!

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I'll be honest I hate this chicks music. I mean really hate it. But I always watch her music videos and performance because she is a stunning looking woman. I am talking about Faith Hill. It's too bad this famous hottie doesn't show more skin in her videos. Hehe the more a celebrity tries to be modest and stay covered up the more the guys at Celeb Defamer will see it as a challenge and do their utmost to make nude fakes of her. Like this hot Faith Hill topless pic... hehe look at those perky titties! Looks like they need a little sun.

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Well I thought I had seen it all. The guys at GoGo Celeb have done hot hentai scenes from many TV shows like Desperate Housewives and Smallville and even Heroes. Now they've set their minds on bringing us some hot Prison Break porn. In these pictures we see sexy Sara, the prison doctor getting her tight little twat slammed by Lincoln. Looks like he is making her his bitch prison style as she rides his huge cock.

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