Some very nice porn fakes of the always controversial Lady Gaga for you today. Personally I fucking hate her music and don’t find her all that hot but I keep getting requests for her and I found some nice new fakes so I thought I’d post them.

Lady Gaga fakes

The first one shows her spreading her juicy little pussy wide for us. This one makes her look more like a girl than she usually does, so maybe that is why I like this one. The other is more hardcore with her taking care of two hard cocks at once.

Lady Gaga porn

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Sweet little Kristen Bell has never looked so sexy! God I love this photo of her with those long slender legs spread and her pussy on show. Is it real? LOL no of course it’s not. Not that you could tell otherwise but it’s a fake. The other shot below is too but they make for some nice viewing nonetheless.

Kristen Bell nude

Kristen Bell fakes

I found these at Celeb Dreamer while I was checking out their collection of nude celebrities. They have quite a few more of Kristen as well as lots more of her fellow famous babes. Head over to see free previews of more of their stuff and treat yourself to a members pass to see them all in full.

Quite possibly the most beautiful actress in the world for you today in the magnificent form of Kate Beckinsale. I find her breathtaking to look at and saw her on Letterman (or was it Leno) not very long ago and she has this really sexy charisma and energy to go with her beauty I have to say.

Kate Beckinsale nude

All I could think of looking at her legs was how much I wanted to see every square inch of that delectable body of hers. I knew I would not be able to see any real nude photos of her but I knew I could the closest thing to it.

Kate Beckinsale fake

Yes, these are of course fakes but like I said it’s the next best thing. You can see these in FULL SIZE and plenty more of them at the Fake Fantasy website. Join up to see similar pics of thousands more famous ladies.

I’ve had a bit of a crush on beautiful Lauren Graham for a while. There is just something about her. I find her very feminine and has a sort of ‘girlish’ vibe about her despite her age. There aren’t too many revealing photos of this actress around but I did come across some very nice fakes of her the other day and thought it time we posted some.

Lauren Graham nude

Have a look at these and see what you think. I think they have exaggerated her breast size, but I for one am not complaining about it! Celebrity fakes are all about fantasy after all and I’d love it she really did have a rack like this!

Lauren Graham fakes

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Love her or hate her Lindsay Lohan knows how to work the media and stay in the spotlight at all times. The recent gone commando pics is a prime example of this. I was over at Celebs Dungeon checking out their latest updates and found a really hot little series that feature Lindsay in a very kinky fantasy scenario.

Lindsay Lohan hentai fantasy

If you are not familiar with their site they do hand drawn illustrated celebrity porn and I reckon this one may be their hottest one yet. Have a look at a couple of the pics of famous wild girl getting all tied up and fucked hard by her captor.

Lindsay Lohan porn

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Todays featured update is especially for a good friend of mine who adores Indian women. He especially loves hot Indian actress and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra. Who can blame him, she is beautiful and has a delicious slender body. I dug out some very nicely done fakes of her just for him. Enjoy buddy.

Priyanka Chopra nude

Priyanka Chopra fakes

These are just two of the many they have of her at Fake Fantasy. Their members can download them all in larger file size as well as fake nude and sex pictures of thousands more of the world’s sexiest female celebrities.

One of the most under rated actresses in the “sexy” department would have to be Michelle Trachtenberg in my view. She is such a little hottie. Ever since I saw her in a bikini in Eurotrip I have thought that. She has a smoking slim figure and an ass I would nail to a wall!

Michelle Trachtenberg nude

Michelle Trachtenberg fake

There isn’t a whole lot of revealing pictures of her on the net unfortunately. A few swimsuit shoots but nothing that shows as much skin as I would like. I have found the next best thing however. Check out these Michelle Trachtenberg fakes.

I scored these from the Celeb Dreamer site and they have plenty more of the ex Buffy star. Become a member to see them all and get free bonus membership to their celeb hentai site Celebs Dungeon as well.

I’ll preface todays post by assuring you I don’t watch Glee. No, seriously I don’t! Well I might hover on it for a minute or two if I am channel surfing and sexy Dianna Agron is on screen. I think there is no shame in that haha. She is smoking hot after all and I can only imagine the luscious body she frustratingly keeps hidden from us.

Dianna Agron nude

Dianna Agron fakes

I went digging for some revealing photos of the pretty actress but got blue balled majorly. There is very little on the way of those sorts of shots. Never fear though I knew where to go to find just what I wanted. I found a whole slew of Dianna Agron fakes at the Fake Fantasy site. Here are two of my favorites from the bunch. You can see the rest at their site along with faked nude and sex pics of thousands more famous women.

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